That Helpless Feeling

Even though I am in my forties, sometimes I feel helpless. Watching decisions made at the highest levels that you thought no decent human being could make. The illusion that leadership meant sacrifice, service, and humility. We’re supposed to be better than this, but we can’t use the excuse that it’s just one or two … Continue reading That Helpless Feeling

Searching for a Differentiator

Even if I didn’t know the date, I can tell that our state’s primary election is just around the corner because of the volume of direct mail and campaign volunteers arriving on a weekly basis. During the last month we’ve had to put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the front door during our children’s … Continue reading Searching for a Differentiator

Hope for My Son on the Swing

The morning clouds have finally lifted, and the midday sun accelerates the humidity on this late-Summer Sunday. But my son hardly notices. He swings back and forth, a giggle bubbling up each time I push. Other kids dash from the bars up the stairs and down the slide. Two parents move their strollers and conversation … Continue reading Hope for My Son on the Swing