The Sign in the Window. A Lesson in Retail.

While running errands the other day I walked by a store that I pass often. Only this time the signs hanging in the windows grabbed my attention. Seventy-two month financing. They were red with white letters, and just like a stop sign they made me pause and take notice. It’s not unusual to see stores … Continue reading The Sign in the Window. A Lesson in Retail.

Hope for My Son on the Swing

The morning clouds have finally lifted, and the midday sun accelerates the humidity on this late-Summer Sunday. But my son hardly notices. He swings back and forth, a giggle bubbling up each time I push. Other kids dash from the bars up the stairs and down the slide. Two parents move their strollers and conversation … Continue reading Hope for My Son on the Swing

A Small Gesture. A Large Impact.

I’ve often thought about writing a story in which the main character thinks he leads an ordinary life, but unbeknownst to him he plays an extraordinary role in the lives of others. My fascination for this story comes from my own interest in the role that purpose plays in our lives. Do we have a … Continue reading A Small Gesture. A Large Impact.

When We are All Replaced

Grocery shopping each week is tough. Or more accurately, choosing the right grocery store each week is tough. We have so many options from general grocery stores to more specialized stores. Some have good produce. Others have reliable meat sections. Sometimes we choose based on what we need that week. But the store we shop … Continue reading When We are All Replaced