Why I Sing

I sing.

Not from a rooftop or
A mountainside or
In the rain.

Not to make you laugh or cry.
Not to praise God or country.

Not to share the gift of my voice.
If my singing voice was a present someone would’ve returned it long ago.

I sing to convey my feelings.

I borrow the words of geniuses who wrote lyrics so moving that they’re etched among the greatest lines of literature and poetry.

Porter, Berlin, Kern, Gershwin, Mercer.
Masters who had the ability to marry words and music into a harmonious expression of beauty and love.

Songs sung by Sinatra, Bennett, Fitzgerald, Holiday, and Cole.
Voices that make up the soundtrack of my life’s emotions.

I sing because I want you to know how you make me feel,
and the word ‘love’ seems too trite to do my feelings justice.

When I first heard Sinatra sing, “Love Looks So Well on You,”
I knew immediately that I would sing this song to you one day.

Even though the first time I heard it you and I had not met.

But I had thought about you.
The change my life would undergo when you arrived.
As I listened to the words I thought the song would be perfect to sing to a daughter.

When you were born, our second son,
I decided that I would sing it to you anyway.

The first few times I did,
you seemed totally unmoved by any of the sentiment.

Of course, you were only a couple of months old.
Perhaps you hoped that by staying impassive I would get the message to stop.

But the other night when you were on your playmat and the song came through the speakers, I sat down next to you and began crooning along with Sinatra.

Everyday you grow even lovelier
Yes, you do, my darling, you do

Only this time your mouth curled into a little smile.
And your eyes, so much older than your few months,
returned a love more moving than even the great lyricists could capture.

I love you everyday of your life
Cause love looks so well on you

I finished the song as tears welled up in my eyes.

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