Most weeknights I have the best intentions.

Get home on time and give the kids some undivided attention.
Eat a healthy and relaxed dinner.
Give the kids a bath with no arguing and no water on the floor.
Read stories and put the kids to bed.
Spend quality time with my wife.
Get into bed early and read a book.

But that rarely happens.

Weeknights are usually a struggle.
I get home late. We haven’t discussed dinner.
Kids won’t cooperate. Kids won’t listen. They act out when they don’t get their way.
That’s what they do at this age.

Quality time with my wife is a few minutes going over the next day’s schedule while we do dishes. I’m lucky if I get to crack open a book before falling asleep.

The clock moves faster between 6:00 and 10:00 on weeknights than it does any other time of the day.

Sometimes all I can do is take joy out of a few minutes working on a puzzle with my oldest son. Or helping my youngest put a block in the shape sorter. Some days, it’s enough.

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